Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pun Nam @ Teluk Intan, Perak

So the Teluk Intan food adventure begins here... :-D It was first day of Chinese New Year and my parents were deciding what to have for breakfast. Brother was still sleeping so 3 of us went out to Teluk Intan town and dad brought us to this shop called Pun Nam for Dim Sum. According to dad this shop has been around for a long long time and my late grandpa used to come here for breakfast.

Pun Nam @ Teluk Intan
When we stepped in to the shop I can see they are still using these old and heavy marble top tables and wooden chairs. This shop is classic and it was crowded!

A very classic shop.
Once we sat down the waitress already brought a tray of Dim Sum for us to choose. And here is what we ordered that day ...

One of the Dim Sum trays.
Fried Wan Tan.
Pai Guat Wong.
Yu Dan (Fish Balls).
Char Siew Mai.
Har Gao.
Siew Mai.
Sang Yuk Pau.
Look at the big chunk of meat stuffed inside the Sang Yuk Pau!
Char Siew Pau.
Char Siew Pau filling.
Lin Yung Pau (Lotus Seed Paste).
The Dim Sum here are very fresh and tasty! And most importantly.. it's damn CHEAP compared to KL or PJ! Other than Dim Sum and Paus they also make their own Shat Kek Ma, Hap Tou Sou and Egg Tarts. I personally love egg tarts but unfortunately the egg tarts were sold out that day. They must be very good... :-(

My Milo "bing" (Iced Milo) :-D
The total came up to RM28.90. I'm sure if we ate the same stuff in KL or PJ it will be much more than that. I'll definitely recommend you to come here for breakfast if you are around Teluk Intan.

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

Pun Nam
King's Street, Teluk Intan,

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